Garlic Ginger Greens & Tofu

Hey all! This one is for the books! It’s a keeper, it’s delicious, it’s a dish that doesn’t need added salt, a bit more acid, anything, it literally is perfect as is! It’s fall here in Victoria, BC and that means a whole lotta local broccoli, brussels sprouts, zucchini, and all things cruciferous! I’m listing the first three vegetables because that is what this dish features! You can honestly throw any nice green veg in here. Bok Choy would go amazingly. So would any kind of cabbage, which are also growing locally right now at the farms!

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Protein and Veganism

Protein! It’s an awesome macronutrient. Like holy heck, so awesome! It’s actually one of the most important nutrients for your health. It contributes to muscle synthesis (growth) and maintenance as well as many different biochemical reactions in the body (hello digestion and blood clotting!). Proteins make up many of our hormones which help to communicate between cells, tissues, and organs. They also help maintain proper pH in our blood and body fluids. Protein is vital for so many life sustaining operations and is mega important. Just to add one more amazing function, proteins help pump up our immune system, enabling us to fight infection! BAM! Protein is absolutely an important nutrition powerhouse.

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Herbalicious Zucchini Noodle Salad

This is probably one of my favourite salads because of the amazing vegan green goddess dressing from Oh She Glows.
You can honestly use this dressing on any salad, bowl, pasta dish, the list goes on! It’s light, fresh and the perfect amount of zesty!
I decided to mix it into a zucchini noodle + mix of vegetables that I had on hand and it turned out absolutely delightful!

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Mango Yogurt Parfait with Apricot granola

This recipe is so simple to put together and so awesome to have on hand for a quick, easy, ready-to-eat breakfast! Prep a day ahead and have for the family a few days in a row! I used mango in this particular recipe but honestly the sky is the limit for what you can use. If I were to whip up a batch again right now, I’d be using cherries, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries as those fruits are in season right now and BURSTING with flavour. Come fall, you could cook down some apples with cinnamon and a bit of lemon juice to have a delicious apple crumble-esque yogurt parfait… I’ll post that soon because that sounds delish!

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